Why PikBuk


PikBuk knows the importance of Memories, so that preserve your memories in the beautifully designed photobooks. “PIKBUK SHALL BE A PAUSE BUTTON IN YOUR BUSY LIFE”

Our photobooks are one of the best quality products that come with perforated pages that you can frame, hang or display the way you want

We put our best efforts to give the most reliable and friendly customer service experience to our users. We are as real as you are, As prominent as you are. We assure that we response to your queries as soon as and as best as we can. Whenever you reach we try n give you outstanding service and response.

We have one of the finest logistic team that takes care of every bit from dispatching to delivering process and ensure your get your parcel timely.

Our design team has decades of experience, We have carefully chosen various aspects while designing your memory book, Such as.

  1. Hard Cover Only – So that you can preserve your memories forever.
  2. Only Portrait Pattern – We have seen that more that 75% pics taken on mobile phone are portrait, hence we have broken the worldwide trend and decided to make only portrait books.
  3. Lay flat and 360 degree foldable book – We want you to admire your pics effortlessly, hence we have decided to provide a wiro-bound instead of a perfect bound. You can fold the book 360 degree & admire one picture at a time
  4. Perforation – All the pages are perforated (Like a Cheque Book), Hence you can pull out any page & frame/gift it etc.