1. What is PIKBUK?

Pikbuk is digital photo printing company that provides the customers with a personalised photo book, which integrates 32-40 beatiful photos. Our agenda of endowing our clients with the personalised photo books are mainly to bring the brightest of grin on your faces while leafing all the way through your captured memories.


Pictures usually fill us up with a huge feeling of nostalgia and we at Pikbuk technologies believe in recreating an equivalent of captured memoirs, in an appealing and a high quality picture book.
Pikbuk Smart has a plethora of features like:-

3. Who are WE?

Pikbuk technology is a technology start up that operates from New delhi, India via the web, android and ios apps who believes in providing a leading edge to the concept of preserving picture memories via personalised picture book. Our printing partner is India’s largest press having an upright infrastructure for the printing services, which uses the Latest HP Indigo printing press

4. How does PIKBUK work?

The art of capturing memories are magical. The evolution of it has begun since its inception from the black and white straight face pictures to pouty selfies to group-fies and still surfacing.

5. Delivery:

Provide us with any Indian postal code and your Pikbuk shall be delivered to you within 7 working days.